Never forget to respond to a text message again

/!\ iReply is deprecated. Support for newer versions of iOS won't be added.



With iReply, no more unanswered important text messages. Let’s say you are doing something important, like you are in a meeting or at the movies. You get a text, you just can’t answer right now so you simply read it and ignore it. Days after, this messages is still unanswered. iReply reminds you at convenient moments (when you’re already using your phone, not in the middle of another important thing) that there are still unanswered important text messages.

Fine tuning

You may be asking “but that would mean I have to reply to every text message to make sure I don’t receive these alerts” and you would be right if it weren’t for iReply’s extensive options that let you fine tune what messages deserve a reply. Perhaps the most important of these is the minimal character limit, which makes sure no “thx” messages are deemed to require a response. The others are the inclusion of a Blacklist and a Whitelist, which allows you to either ignore those annoying messages from a particular “friend”, or alternatively always require replies to your work colleague’s messages. A final control given to you by the tweak is the delay before the reminder is sent which is set in hours.