Your clipboard, synchronised between all your devices

/!\ CloudPaste is deprecated. Support for newer versions of iOS won't be added.


CloudPaste is an iOS tweak and a Mac application that allows you to share your pasteboard across all your iOS devices and all your Macs.

CloudPaste’s syncing is performed in the background using iCloud, for a constant availability: no need to be on the same WiFi network, no need to launch an application on your iPhone or your iPad. Log your devices on the same iCloud account, download CloudPaste for Mac on your computers, CloudPaste for iOS for your jailbroken iOS devices, and you’re good to go. Just let the iCloud magic happen.

CloudPaste Desktop

CloudPaste for your mac acts like a clipboard manager : it allows you to see the previous clips you saved. But most of all, it allows you to share these clips on every device logged in with your iCloud account that uses CloudPaste.

No complex settings, no endless configuration files. CloudPaste provides you with a very simple settings window to adjust the basic behaviour of the window. More specifically, CloudPaste can notify you using Growl that a new shared element has been added to your pasteboard.

CloudPaste Mobile

CloudPaste on your jailbroken iOS 5.0 device is a small MobileSubstrate extension that allows you to access the iCloud shared clipboard

Easily copy back and forth your iPad and your Mac, exactly as if it were the same device. No need to launch a custom application every time you want to share text or images, just paste the way you would normally do it.